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Additional Attendance Information

Student Release during School Hours
A student must have a release notice signed by his or her parent/guardian or special permission given by the parent/guardian to the office before being released during school hours. If you plan to pick up a child, please come into the office where the child will be waiting. Please do not go directly to the classroom. The "Sign-Out" sheet must be signed when a child leaves at a time other than the regular
dismissal time. Students can only be released to individuals 18 or older who are listed on the emergency card.

Requesting Homework
When a child is absent from school up to three days, work must be completed in the amount of days equal to the absence, plus one day. If the absence is more than 3 days, please make a request for schoolwork by calling the office in the morning. This gives teachers time to compile the assignments and make them available for pick up.

Independent Study Contract
We believe that the best education for your child comes with regular daily attendance; however, an Independent Study Contract may be requested if a student will be absent 5 or more consecutive days. The purpose of the contract is to provide the student the opportunity to complete assignments during an extended absence. The contract also allows the District to regain lost revenue from the State. The contract requires that the student complete the same amount of school work as if sitting in the classroom each day. Depending on the grade level, the amount of work could equal 4 or more hours per full day of absence.
  • To obtain a contract, you must contact the school office and your child’s teacher at least 1 week prior to taking your child out of school.
  •  Carefully consider the impact the absences will have on your child as classroom instruction cannot be duplicated through the Independent Study work.
  • To receive full credit, all assigned work must be complete and turned in to the office the day the student returns to school.
Independent Study - Please note: The teachers take much time and careful thought to compiling the Independent Study work. Before making this commitment, please make sure that you and your child are prepared to set time aside to complete the assigned work. While every attempt will be made to assign appropriate work, a student's grades may be lowered if the absences significantly interfere with the student's learning in one or more subject areas.