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Collaboration Summary

Collaboration Summary

August 28, 2015


Kindergarten: The PCY Kindergarten teachers started the day meeting with the LCE and PCR Kindergarten teachers to discuss the assessment timeline and reconfigure the assessment schedule to better match the reporting periods.  The PCY Kindergarten teachers returned to their school site to plan and prepare lessons for the coming weeks later in the afternoon.

1st grade: The first grade team worked to align our homework program to our new thematic units.  The team also developed a new reading log that is more meaningful for the students.  The teachers also created math journals to tie to TDG and new math materials.

2nd grade: The second grade team met on Friday, August 28, 2015 to create appropriate district grade level pacing for our Language Arts, and Math curriculum.  The opportunity to collaborate and discuss was time well spent with a completed time frame for this first quarter for the 2015-2016 school year. The team also updated the first quarter benchmarks for ELA and Math. Carrie Adkins presented information regarding Eureka Math and Being A Writer program.
3rd grade: The third grade teams from all sites met to revise first quarter benchmarks in Math and ELA. The team worked with the District TOSA, Carrie Adkins, regarding benchmarks and math curriculum.  Lastly, the teachers updated the third grade math pacing guide.

4th grade: The fourth grade from across the district met to revise both the math and language arts pacing guides. Additionally, we revised the Math first quarter benchmark. Finally, we shared resources to reflect a closer adherence to CCSS in Language Arts.

5th grade: The LCUSD 5th Grade from all sites and the Tech. Department met today at the DO to share concerns and ideas for future student Chromebook grade level roll outs.  Building and maintaining a district grade-level shared folder on Google was also set in motion.  All teachers seemed excited to have time to share their experiences with Chromebooks in the classroom.

6th grade: PCY's 6th grade team met and finalized 1st quarter math plans, including a few exciting projects grounded in multiple math standards.  The district-wide 6th grade team then met to revisit the Language Arts pacing guide. The teachers adjusted key dates and aligned them with benchmark assessments.
PE: The veteran PE staff provided an overview of PE programs for the new PE teacher at LCE.  The team discussed activity units and shared teaching ideas.  The team also discussed a potential all district PE activity.

Special Education: The Pre-K Special Education teacher met with her staff to discuss and plan for their increase in class size and longer day.  

ELD: The three elementary ELD teachers met to discuss a variety of topics.  CELDT testing schedules and progress to date was reviewed at each school site; pending tasks include: first grade testing (this week), Kinder testing (next week), as well as scoring/student make-ups,/teacher scheduling.  Initiation of  ELD service delivery is anticipated to begin the week of September 21st.